I have a blog now. And I'm going to use it to post...well, whatever really. Anything from funny things that happen to me in RL to things I find online and enjoy.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

PS2 fail

This is a picture my sister and I took at Half Price Books.  I love the store to death, but this is made of fail.

Oh well, we all mess up sometimes, right?

Things you should know

This blog may contain material you find offensive.  It will have pro-gay marriage things.  It may have offensive jokes.  It will have scantily clad woman.  It will have swearing.  It may have more things that I don't list here.

I don't mind if you don't like my posts.  As long as you don't bitch me out in the comments.  Try not to take anything I post too seriously, as much of it is posted in good humor and not meant to offend.

This blog will probably be primary made of things that won't offend most people, like pictures of funny cats and web comic I enjoy.  Maybe a little bit of geek news thrown in here and there, as well as shenanigans my friends and I engage in.

TL;DR version: There may be offensive material on this blog but I'm not taking most things I post too seriously, so you should either.  Most of the material won't be offensive to pretty much anyone.